Tantleken/ Playing Old

Two sisters in their sixties invite filmmaker to take part in a game where they dress up as older ladies.

A game that first started as young girls.

As the filmmaker observe the sisters over time she discovers something else in their playfulness.

A dark past and family secrets reveals the game and the film starts to become a portrait of women dealing with aging and to break old family dynamics


"As the virus spread, a group of filmmakers and storytellers from 22 countries did what filmmakers do. They grabbed their cameras to capture the lives and stories around them. Stories of suffering, isolation, struggle and coping. And also stories of kindness – and moments of unexpected joy.

Charlotte Berglin is directing one of the episodes that will be part of the webseries

Episode 6 Breaking Free

Gothenburg, Sweden – March, 2020

When filmmaker Charlotte Berglin turns the camera on herself during the pandemic, it is to discover that she has been involved in an emotionally abusive relationship, not for the first time. To recognize this and to walk away from it while living in isolation takes a special kind of courage.

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